Heat Pump FAQ

Will a heat pump heat my entire House?
The most common system installed in residential homes is a high-wall heat pump – this is designed to heat individual rooms, or areas, depending on the size of the unit. Multiple room systems can be run off the one outdoor unit, or if multiple rooms or the whole house is to be cooled, we recommend a ducted system, with a unit that sits in the ceiling space, and distributes heated or cooled air through multiple vents.

What size heat pump will I need for my home?
It depends on the size and shape of the room and house and placement of the unit. A larger unit isn’t always best, as it will be more expensive to run than a smaller system than would run more just as efficiently, and cheaper. Our team will advise and recommend the best size of unit based on your specific dimensions and needs.

Are heat pumps noisy?
The source of the noise with any heat pump is the air passing through the unit and is from the outdoor unit. Most modern heat pumps have functions and technology that helps lower these sound levels, any sound that is not of the air passing over the grill should be looked at by our qualified installers to determine there is no fault with the heat pump.

Do heat pumps need maintenance?
It is important that heat pump filters are cleaned every three months to ensure the unit is running efficiency - this can be done by the user. We recommend a full service once a year by a specialist, to improve the lifespan and potentially lower any future repair costs - our team not only cleans and disinfects the indoor unit, all electrical terminals are checked, outdoor and indoor coils are cleaned and tests carried out to detect any leaks and ensure the system is running efficiently.

How long will a heat pump take to install?
A high-wall system heat pump can take up to 3-4 hours to install. Complicated installs and ducted system will take longer; our qualified team will quote the time it will take to complete the installation.

Can I install a heat pump myself?
Any electrical work must be carried out by a registered electrician. All of our installers are NZ qualified and experienced and will produce a Certificate of Compliance (COC) within 24 hours of the installation, which is a legal requirement.

Will it cost a lot to run a heat pump?
Most heat pumps come with an energy star rating: it takes less time and 33% less energy to heat the same area with a heat pump, than traditional electrical heaters. Heat pumps are recommended by EECA and are environmentally friendly.

How do I operate a heat pump?
The heat pump is operated with an infrared remote. Some brands offer a wall-mounted remote which is wired to the unit. All heat pumps will have an on/off switch and a heating and cooling mode, with the option of the desired temperature. Many also allow you to programme it to run for specific days or times.


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