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Hi Wall & Floor Heatpump Quote

Step 1 | Floor Plan

Draw a floor plan of the home - Attach Image below > Click here to see example for symbols to use

Step 2 | Room Measurements

Measure the room you would like the heat pump installed (length, width and stud height) in meters and add measurements to site plan

Step 3 | Placement Indoor Unit

Take photos of the preferred placement of where you would like the indoor unit – include floor and ceiling - Attach photos below

Step 4 | Placement Outdoor Unit

Take a photo of the preferred placement where you would like the outdoor unit –please include the roof line and ground- Attach photos below

Step 5 | Man Hole Access

Take photos of the man hole access - Attach photos below

Step 6 | Switch Board Access

Take photos of the switch board - Attach photos below

Step 7 | House Outside

Take photos of the outside of the home - all four sides
(make sure the roof is captured) - Attach photos below

Step 8 | Contact Details & Additional Notes

Add any necessary notes, e.g access suitable time to contact e.t.c.

Add files

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