Ventilation range

Both balanced air and positive pressure ventilation systems are designed to prevent condensation, minimising mould and mildew and drying the home. Ambient Electrical are leading experts in ventilation solutions and offer professional advice in selecting the right system based on your home’s needs.

The positive pressure ventilation system pulls the air from either the ceiling cavity or from outside and gently introduces the filtered air into the home forcing the stale moist air out through gaps within the home.

The balanced air ventilation system pulls the fresh air from outside at the same time pulling the stale moist air from within the home and passing through an exchange system and recovering up to 90% of the energy pulled from within the home. The fresh filtered air is gently introduced into the home along with recovered energy.

Benefits of a Ventilation System

  • Fresh filtered air into the home all year round in all seasons and weather
  • Prevents and minimises mould and mildew helping with health benefits to occupants
  • Helps to save energy costs on heating providing a drier home
  • Home security with the ability of keeping doors and windows closed and locked, while a ventilation system introduces air flow

Ventilation System FAQ

How many outlet vents will I need?

We recommend that each bedroom has an individual outlet vent, along with one vent per main room, such as one for a living and dining room each, or one vent for a combined lounge/dining; our qualified team will ensure the best results.  We don’t recommend vents in the kitchen or bathrooms, as an extractor fan should be used to remove the moisture.

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Ambient Electrical are accredited installers for Moisture Master and Ambience Ventilation system

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